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The Bible in English (Chadwyck-Healey)

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The Bible in English database contains twenty-one versions of the Bible. In addition to the twelve complete Bibles, there are five New Testament works, two Gospel works and William Tyndale's New Testament, Pentateuch and Jonah translations. The complete English text of each edition is included, with all prefatory matter, notes, running heads and glossaries. In cases where editorial matter is not contemporary with the text (Anglo-Saxon and Wycliffe versions) it is omitted. No attempt has been made to standardize the different structures or different book arrangements within Bibles. Some books, particularly Apocryphal books, will only be present in some Bibles. Verse structures will also vary.

For scholars of English literature, particular attention has been paid to the Renaissance period. All the most significant texts are included from the Tyndale to the King James and the highly influential Coverdale, Bishops' and Geneva Bibles. For researchers in the development of the English language, texts from all eras are included, with emphasis on versions that closely represent its contemporary state. For biblical and theological scholars, texts from the Protestant, Roman Catholic and non-conformist traditions are represented.

The texts were selected under the guidance of the Editorial Board (Professors Gerald Hammond of the University of Manchester and Sylvia Adamson of the University of Cambridge) with the aim of providing a balanced collection of editions covering the whole chronological period and appealing to scholars of of different disciplines.

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