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Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change (2008) (SAGE)

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  • Coverage Dates: 2008

The Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change explores major topics related to global warming and climate change—ranging geographically from the North Pole to the South Pole, and thematically from social effects to scientific causes.

Key Features include a comprehensive introduction to the complexities of global warming; coverage of the science and history of climate change, the polarizing controversies over climate-change theories, the role of societies, the industrial and economic factors, and the sociological aspects of climate change; emphasizing the importance of the effects, responsibilities, and ethics of climate change; contributions from leading scholars and institutional experts in the geosciences; and serving as a general resource for geography, oceanography, biology, climatology, history, and many other subjects.

Key themes include: Atmospheric Sciences; Climate - climate and Society; Climate Change, Effects; Climate Feedbacks; Climate Models; Countries: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Pacific; Glaciology; Government and International Agencies; Institutions Studying Climate Change; Oceanography; Paleo-Climates; People; and Programs And Conventions.

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