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Google is an Internet search engine that can help users find answers to questions, but the results are limited to information that people have made available on websites and may include content that is deliberately misleading, out-of-date, commercial, or worse. Most books and magazines are not searchable by Google; for quality licensed content in a collection of subscription and specially developed resources, GALILEO databases are the preferred place to search.

The databases in GALILEO contain content from publications that has been editorially selected and evaluated. While a researcher is always tasked with evaluating all sources for objectivity, authority, and applicability, whether the sources have been published or uploaded to a website, sources in GALILEO databases have been through the editorial process, and critical indicators, such as authorship, documentation (bibliography and footnotes), and timeliness are available to help inform the evaluation. Information on the technology behind Google tools, including the PageRank system that powers the relevancy-ranked search, is available at

Evaluation criteria to help determine a website's level of authority and reliability is available in The Online Library Learning Center's Evaluating Internet Information

In addition to the Internet website search, Google also provides separate search engines for images, news sites, videos, and blogs. Other popular Google applications include Google Book Search for e-books available in full text online; Google Scholar for scholarly articles, some available in full text online, and Google Earth, for satellite imagery and maps, including terrain maps.

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