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American Politics and Society (ProQuest History Vault)

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Includes the papers of Thomas A. Edison; immigration records to the United States during the massive immigration wave from 1880-1930; legal collections from the Harvard Law School Library featuring the papers of three Supreme Court Justices, the first Black federal judge, and one of the most infamous criminal cases of the 20th century; papers of the Progressive leader Robert M. La Follette; records from the Franklin D. Roosevelt White House and other federal agencies on the New Deal and World War II; FBI Files on radical politics; records of the Truman and Eisenhower Presidencies; records of Students for a Democratic Society, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and other anti-Vietnam War organizations; and records on American Politics from the beginning of the Kennedy administration through the Nixon Administration. Includes: Thomas A. Edison Papers, 1850-1919 Immigration: Records of the INS, 1880-1930 American Politics and Society from Kennedy to Watergate, 1960-1975

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