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American Chemical Society Journals (ACS)

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American Chemical Society (ACS) provides the worldwide scientific community with a comprehensive collection of the most cited peer-reviewed journals in the chemical and related sciences.

Subscribing GALILEO institutions have access to the following journals (list updated January 5, 2015):

  • Accounts of Chemical Research
  • ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
  • ACS Catalysis
  • ACS Chemical Biology
  • ACS Chemical Neuroscience
  • ACS Combinatorial Science
  • ACS Macro Letters
  • ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters
  • ACS Nano
  • ACS Photonics
  • ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
  • ACS Synthetic Biology
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Bioconjugate Chemistry
  • Biomacromolecules
  • Chemical Research in Toxicology
  • Chemical Reviews
  • Chemistry of Materials
  • Crystal Growth and Design
  • Energy & Fuels
  • Environmental Science & Technology
  • Environmental Science & Technology Letters
  • Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
  • Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data
  • Journal of Chemical Education
  • Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
  • Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation
  • Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
  • Journal of Natural Products
  • The Journal of Organic Chemistry
  • The Journal of Physical Chemistry A
  • The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
  • The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
  • The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
  • Journal of Proteome Research
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • Langmuir
  • Macromolecules
  • Molecular Pharmaceutics
  • Nano Letters
  • Organic Letters
  • Organic Process Research and Development
  • Organometallics

Some institutions may have purchased different titles. Please contact your library for clarification.

Database Provider: American Chemical Society

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